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Sell Tickets with Bostonian Tickets

Choosing to sell your tickets with Bostonian Tickets is a great choice and we will be there to help you sell your tickets each step of the way. We will either contact you directly and buy your tickets at your asking price or list them for a commission its that simple.

1. Please enter the following information below, please include all event and ticket information that is printed on the ticket including if the seats are limited view, obstructed view or general admission.
2. We will need the following list of information
   A. Section, Row and Seat Numbers
   B. Event Name, Date and Time
   C. Asking Price
3. Click Submit and within a few hours we will list your tickets on our website or email you with a follow up.
4. After your tickets sell we will send you a check or you can contact us if another payment method is preferred!

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First Name:
Last Name:
Description of Event, Event Date, Venue and the Section and Row of the Tickets you want to sell with us: